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We're on ABC11 WTVD's news program tonight!

ABC11 WTVD ran the news story above after seeing this post on our Facebook page:

"Soooo, the minor leak in one of our larger classrooms became a major leak today. We've called the roofers and have turned off power to that room. But we can use your help, too! Please vote for us to win $5,000 from the Yelp! Local Foundation and share this plea with everyone you know (and everyone else you are friends with on social media - smile)! It's hard to learn English, learn to read and write, or study for a GED test when you have to wear a raincoat, are sitting in the dark, and can't hear over the sound of water drumming into buckets. Trust us. Here is the link: Thank you!!!"

Many thanks to the good folks at ABC11 WTVD for helping us get the word out!

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