Our offices are currently closed. All donations can be mailed to the Durham Literacy Center at PO Box 52209, Durham, NC 27717. 

COVID-19 Needs

  • Grocery Gift Cards (any denomination)

  • Functional laptop computers or tablets

Tangible Needs

  • 1-inch binders, white for 300+ student notebooks and tutor manuals (new only - not accepting used binders at this time)

  • White board dry erase markers, erasers and spray cleaners for 15 classrooms

  • Office supplies, including loose notebook paper, index cards, pencils, erasers, copier paper

  • Break room supplies, including coffee, tea, sugar, & dry creamer paper cups, paper towels

  • DSLR Camera + Tripod

Facility Needs/Projects

  • Yard work

  • Painting 

  • Basic carpentry

  • New sign

  • Elevator


Volunteer Needs

  • Volunteer tutors for Adult Literacy, English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), Youth Education/Achievement Academy High School Equivalency Diploma Program and Computer Literacy

  • Volunteer IT knowledge and skills

  • Facility/property management knowledge and skills

  • Board and committee members



Wilson Reading System 4th edition materials:

  • Word Element and Syllable Cards (Steps 1-6) - 1 set

  • Word Element and Syllable Cards (Steps 7-12) - 1 set

  • High Frequency Word Cards (Steps 1-6) - 1 set

  • High Frequency Word Cards (Steps 7-12) - 1 set

  • Instructor Manual (Steps 1-6) - 1 copy

  • Dictation Book (Steps 1-6) - 10 copies

  • Dictation Book (Steps 7-12) - 4 copies

  • Letter-Sound Cards - 12 sets

  • Student Reader 1 - 5 copies

  • Student Readers 2-12 - 6 copies of each

High Interest Low Level readers for adult learners who read at or below a 3rd grade level. Examples (Click on a name to go to Grass Roots Press Website to learn more about each biography):  



Graphic Revolve: Common Core Editions - Any paperbacks from this series of graphic novels adapted from classic novels. Examples:

A Stepping Stone Book - Paperbacks from this series of classic novels adapted for beginner readers. Examples:

Graphic history books:

Math Workbook Sets:

​We are also looking for new or used copies of large print books (novels, biographies, and other popular books) for our readers who have impaired vision. 


In general, we accept most donations of books that are in good condition. Books that we do not add to our library will be placed on our "Free Books" table so that students, tutors, and community members can take them.


We cannot accept moldy books, books with pages torn out, or books that smell heavily of smoke. We do not accept large sets of encyclopedias, as we do not have sufficient space for them.