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Alicia Ibarra 

Alicia Ibarra exemplifies student success. Alicia enrolled in our ESOL family literacy program (Escuela de la Familia) in 2006. A year later, she graduated from the program and became part of our staff. Alicia is involved in program design decisions and is helping us create a program that is more student-centered and truly multicultural. Her involvement is crucial to the program’s success, and we are excited to see her embark on a career in education and community outreach. She provides us with outreach and teaching support, and is also applying her new skills in a job with Measurement Incorporated. Alicia’s three older children are thriving in Durham public schools, and her youngest child is flourishing in our family literacy preschool. 

Alicia attributes much of her success in adapting to life in the United States to the DLC. In addition to working at the Escuela de la Familia program, Alicia is taking GED classes in the evenings at the DLC. Alicia is determined to earn her GED so even more doors will be open to her.

Alicia writes:


“Coming to the DLC has helped me a lot. Before I spoke a little and knew a little English. After the coming to the DLC. I felt good to have more and practice a lot more. It makes me feel better about myself. I feel more confident and I have found more opportunities to work and meet good people. I feel much better now.

When you first come to the USA you feel so alone. After meeting people and getting involved in the class I found more opportunities and feel better. I used to be so afraid to do things or speak. I was so afraid of making mistakes. But now I’m not afraid to make mistakes. It is how you learn. If I don’t say anything. I will have questions forever.”

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