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The John Hope Franklin Literacy Society is the DLC's sustaining leadership donor program. Members pledge to give $500 to $10,000 a year over a five-year period: 


  • Bronze ($500/yr for 5 years): funds books for 10 students

  • Silver ($1,000/yr for 5 years): funds training and support for 15 tutors

  • Gold ($5,000/yr for 5 years): teaches 25-30 students English for one year

  • Platinum ($10,000/yr for 5 years): funds GED instruction for 10 students


Members can break their gifts into installments by check or online. Please write JHF or John Hope Franklin in the memo or note of your payment. 

Members are recognized for their generous gifts and receive the following privileges:


  • Sustaining the DLC's literacy programs for years to come

  • Invitations and acknowledgment at DLC events

  • Invitation to the annual JHF Society reception

  • Recognition in DLC newsletters, annual report, and on our website

  • Name displayed on a plaque at the DLC


We are looking forward to welcoming you to the JHF Literacy Society.


Please call or email Lizzie Ellis-Furlong, Executive Director, should you have any questions about the Durham Literacy Center or the John Hope Franklin Literacy Society. 

The John Hope Franklin Literacy Society was started in 2009 to honor the late John Hope Franklin, distinguished and venerated Duke historian and scholar, ex officio board member and friend of the Durham Literacy Center. Member donations support DLC’s ability to provide tuition-free programming to over 600 Durham residents each year.

Thank you, JHF Literacy Society Members!


PLATINUM ($10,000/5 years)

Bart Ehrman

Jenny Semans Koortbojian*
Dr. Barbara Newborg*
Mary Dunn & James Siedow*


GOLD ($5,000/5 years)

Nicola Gafinowitz

SILVER ($1,000/5 years)

Deborah Bender
Laurie Braun
Brian Schneiderman and Amy Bryant

Vincent Cavallari

Jason deBruyn
Bryna and Gregory Rapp
Susan and Matthew Springer
Jon and Debbie Stonehouse

Matt and Lindsay Tomlinson
Deborah Wong and Richard Riddell

Phail Wynn, Jr.*

BRONZE ($500/5 years)

Nathan and Rachel Bearman

Sarah Beckwith
Lynn Bowlby
Robert and Sheila Breitweiser, Jr.
Richard and Cynthia Brodhead

Tony and Teddie Brown
Marc and Pam Cohen
Alex and Kate Gray
Etan Gumerman and Julie Harris
Diana Hackenburg and Jesse Freedman
Peggy and Floyd C. Hardy

Katharine Harrod
Joseph and Carlisle Harvard
Patricia and Robert Henderson
Kristine Herfkens
Reginald and Celeste Hodges
Gail Faulkner Hudson
Anthony and Sherri Hutchinson
Lianna Jerecki
Peter and Martha Klopfer
Linda Lytvinenko

Jill Madsen
Trilaine Massey
Seymour and Josephine Mauskopf

Pope and Wendy McCorkle

Jeanette Miller
Mary Mount
Daniel Oldman and Cathy Starkweather

Michael Ortiz

Kenneth and Ellen Reckhow

Sandy Roberts
Truman and Connie Semans

Kathy Sikes

Joyce Sykes

Michel Tharp and Barbara Dickinson
Mitch Tuchman
Gwenn Weaver

Jane Williams and Roger Kalthoff*

Leah Welsh 

Gwendolyn Wright
ry and Abby Zarkin

*In Memoriam

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