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Clary pursued her GED® at Achievement Academy starting in 2017. She is a teacher’s dream student--the kind who is disappointed to learn about breaks from school because she always wants to be in the classroom! "The (Achievement Academy) teachers are fantastic and they make learning so much fun!" she says. 


Clary never got a chance to attend public high school, but she is a tenacious and hard-working learner. "Achievement Academy is the perfect place for me to further my education and accomplish my goals," she says. At home, school is a group effort. She found Achievement Academy with the help of her foster mom, Tannya, who encourages her to read and get in extra studying in her free time. So far, Clary has completed three out of four GED subjects, with only math left to complete her diploma.  


As an animal lover, Clary seized the chance to participate in a paid summer internship at a local veterinary clinic through the NC Works NextGen program. Through her internship, she has learned valuable workplace skills and made new friends (both with and without fur!). Clary hopes to pursue a college degree and work in veterinary medicine or animal protection.

In 2019, Clary moved out of state to live with family. Her instructors from the DLC have continued to work with her remotely and she hopes to finish her final GED subject test and earn her diploma soon. We miss Clary and wish her the best! 

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