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Andrew, who began volunteering at Durham Literacy in 2018, strives to keep his lessons with Paula relevant and engaging. They meet twice a week, rarely missing a session. “Despite all that is going on in her life, she always shows up, pouring all her energy into her lessons,” Andrew says. 

The two have made great progress together. "Paula has more confidence. She doesn’t question herself so much now. There is an ease in her reading, and she’s developed a strong foundation,” Andrew reports.  Andrew understands the value of being consistent, injecting creativity, and using every lesson as an opportunity to highlight successes. “I make sure to tell her I am impressed by something she’s done to keep her morale up.”

Andrew admires Paula for "how she’s navigated life, raising kids and grandchildren. I hope our lessons provide enrichment for her life, that she is better able to understand things, and that this can help take her to another level."

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