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Demetria left school in the 10th grade due to challenges at home. Without a diploma, she found it difficult to find jobs that paid a living wage. She worked multiple jobs to provide for her three children, leaving no time to go back to school. 


In 2010, after hearing of her nephew’s success in earning a GED diploma at the Durham Literacy Center, Demetria enrolled in our GED® prep classes at the age of 36. She explains, “I wanted to further my education to provide a better life for my children and to show them that no matter how old you are you can achieve your goals.” 


Demetria worked with a DLC volunteer tutor and earned her GED diploma in 2011. She enrolled at Shaw University later that year and graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in social work in 2015. Demetria now works part-time for Housing for New Hope, where she is having a significant impact working with Durham's homeless population. She plans to attain a master’s degree in social work in the future. 


Demetria’s children are following in her footsteps. One of her daughters is studying at North Carolina Central University, and her son made the honor roll and represented the 5th Grade at his school’s spelling bee.

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