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Preparing for the GED® Tests

Intake Process (Adult Literacy Program)


  • A student enrolls in the DLC by taking a standardized reading placement test (CASAS or TABE test).


  • If a student scores at or above a 9th grade reading level, we put them on a waitlist for a tutor or a small-group class, depending on their schedule, preferences, and the availability of tutors or class seats.


  • If a student tells us that he or she has trouble with math, we administer a TABE Math test, which is a standardized test of math skills. It will provide a general math level.


  • We match students with tutors based on schedules, student needs and tutor preferences for subject areas, and related info. We call both student and tutor with the schedule and start date.


  • We introduce the tutor and student and suggest that they spend the first session getting to know each other and sharing contact info. After that, they work through the material for each test needed. Each pair determines the order of subjects to cover.


  • A tutor-student pair can continue working on all of the tests together, or they may decide to be re-matched after passing a test, depending on the tutor’s comfort level teaching particular subjects. 


To get started:

Call us at 919-489-8383.


We will ask you for the following information:


  • Your name

  • Your phone number (and whether we can leave messages at this number)

  • Your age (or the age of the prospective student for whom you are calling)

  • The last grade that you completed in school

  • Why you would like to become a student with us

  • Your opinion on how well you read

If you reach our voice mail, please leave as much of this information as possible so that we can call you back. (We cannot return your call if you do not leave a message with your name and phone number. We cannot receive or send text messages.) 

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