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At 22 years old, Marion is one of our youngest Adult Literacy students and an inspiring DLC advocate. Back in December 2011, she was interviewed by reporter Matthew Milliken for a story in the Herald-Sun. She told Milliken that not knowing how to read and write well was always a source of embarrassment for her, but that the struggle with words is finally ending for her.

She met with her DLC tutor, Andrea, from September 2010 through June 2012, at which point she graduated from our Basic Literacy program with a solid set of phonics skills and a new-found love for reading and writing. 

In September 2012, Marion began attending a small-group pre-GED reading class (also known as a STAR class). She is making great progress, and we look forward to the day when she is ready to join our GED social studies class. 


Believe in Yourself
by Marion

All that you know and all that you wrote,
Believe in yourself and you will grow.
Believe in your dreams and it will be
like you have succeeded
In all your stress, if you only believe it.
Believing is the key to all your dreams
and if you keep believing
and keep your faith,
Then you will see.

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