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Karyee dropped out of school in the 10th grade. He had difficulty dealing with authority, including his parents and police. When he enrolled in the Teen Career Academy, things started to change. With new focus, he was able to obtain his GED diploma in 2009, and he attended the TCA's graduation ceremony with a very happy extended family (see above).

Karyee is now enrolled at Erie Community College in Buffalo, NY, where he is playing football and working toward a college degree.

Karyee also referred his aunt, Demetria, to the DLC. After a year of hard work in the DLC's Adult GED program, Demetria earned her GED on June 16, 2011. She is now enrolled at Shaw University. She finished her first semester on the A Honor Roll. Like Karyee, Demetria has also referred several family members to the Durham Literacy Center, and we look forward to adding the names of future DLC GED graduates to this page!

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