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Maria is making literacy a family affair. Thanks to Escuela de la Familia, part of the DLC’s English for Speakers of Other Languages program, she and her older son Said are learning English together. While Maria attends ESOL and parenting classes, often with 16-month-old Zared on her lap, Said attends Escuela’s pre-school, a service addressing the child care dilemma facing many adults who seek literacy help.

Two and a half years at Escuela have made a big difference. “Said has already started learning to read and speak English and socializes well with other children,” Maria says. “I know Zared will follow in his footsteps.” The program is also giving Maria the tools she needs to help her sons when they enter school. “I want to be able to speak with teachers, help my sons with homework, and explain new ideas to them.”

A high school graduate in Mexico, Maria’s goals focus on building a better future for her family. She first wants to upgrade her employment and then hopes to use her growing fluency to earn a college degree in business administration.

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