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Giving back to give thanks & share the gift of literacy

Did you see the Herald-Sun article on DLC student Lal Thang Mawi this past Sunday (Nov 19)? If not, it begins as follows:

"For literacy students like Lal Thang Mawi, November is a month of reflection, gratitude and inspiring others. While Thanksgiving remains a celebration with family and good food, the festivities become an occasion for recognizing what we have and what we can give back.

Lal expresses her gratitude to the Durham Literacy Center (DLC) and asks others to support the organization’s cause to continue the empowerment of..."

The purpose of the article was to introduce you to Durham Literacy student Lal Thang Mawi.

Lal, a refugee from Burma, arrived in Durham with her two children in 2008. Lal knew she needed to improve her English and get a high school education if she wanted a better life for her family here, so she enrolled at the Durham Literacy Center.

Lal started by attending English for Speakers of Other Language (ESOL) classes four nights a week. Then, she enrolled in the center’s academic reading and math classes. She is currently working with volunteer tutor Irwin Abrams toward a GED diploma.

With the help of DLC staff, Lal now has full-time work with benefits, her first driver’s license, and a Habitat for Humanity home. She became a U.S. citizen in 2015 and her children are working toward college degrees.

Lal volunteers with young Burmese mothers and children in her community, teaching them to read and write and helping the children with their schoolwork.

Lal says,

“This is our home now. My family can live freely and we can support ourselves. There is no need for fear. I want to share all that I have learned here. I am very thankful!”

Last year, the DLC served over 800 adults and out-of-school youth. You can be part of a success story like Lal’s by making a gift today. Each tax-deductible dollar goes a long way at the Durham Literacy Center:

• $25 buys instructional materials for one Adult Literacy student. • $100 buys GED books for a Youth Education Program class. • $500 trains and supports 20 volunteer ESOL instructors.

Together, we are transforming lives through literacy.

Thank you so much for your support!

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