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The pathway to success for newcomers (Herald-Sun)

Media Jasim Maghdid is a 24-year-old Kurdish refugee from Iraq who arrived in Durham with her husband and sister-in-law a year ago. She spoke very little English when she first came to the United States nor did she have much experience with the Roman alphabet. What she did have was an excellent work ethic and determination to succeed in her new country.

Church World Services helped Media’s family get settled just a few blocks from the Durham Literacy Center (DLC). Three days after arriving in Durham, Media enrolled in classes at the DLC. Media says the first month in the U.S. was very difficult, but soon life became easier. With some newly acquired English skills, Media was able to find a job at TJ Maxx. Despite working Monday through Friday, Media rarely missed a class. She is now an intermediate-level student and can carry a conversation in English. She spends many evenings watching movies in English to improve her listening comprehension.

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