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Meet Vianaire, NCCU Student & DLC Computer Literacy Tutor

Meet Vianaire Segero, one of the Durham Literacy Center’s volunteers! Viana is part of the NCCU Community Leaders Program (CLP), a program that helps empower students by educating them on the importance of digital literacy and partnering them with programs that help the community with digital literacy resources. Volunteers from CLP were piloting a computer literacy class onsite in spring 2020 that unfortunately ended early due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We're thrilled to have Viana volunteering with our computer literacy program remotely this semester!

Viana is a volunteer with the Durham Literacy Center, helping with digital literacy classes on Tuesday evenings. She was initially drawn to working on digital literacy issues because as a first generation student and a daughter of two immigrants from Kenya, she realized that having an understanding of technology and digital literacy can provide an advantage when looking for educational or employment opportunities. She is passionate about helping people achieve their dreams by helping them gain access to the resources necessary to do so. One of her favorite memories while teaching was witnessing the excitement of one of her students when they learned how to properly write an email.

One of Viana’s long term goals is to be a professor, and her time at the DLC is providing her with teaching experience that is helping to nurture her passion for education. Thank you to Viana and to all the members of NCCU’s Community Leaders Program for their support of the Durham Literacy Center!


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