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Approaching our 30th birthday . . .

three pre-GED students at the Durham Literacy Center

Dear Friends,

The Durham Literacy Center will soon turn 30, and that’s worth a shout-out, don’t you think?

In the midst of Durham’s exciting growth and change, the Center remains the leading independent adult literacy provider in Durham County, the only community-based organization focused entirely on adult literacy. You knew that, but many don’t, and we ask your help in raising awareness about the DLC’s work. There’s a lot to talk about.

The Durham Literacy Center …

  • Teaches adults to read and write

  • Provides English classes for immigrant adults

  • Prepares out-of-school youth and adult learners to pass high school equivalency tests, such as the GED

  • Teaches Durham residents basic computer skills

  • Provides GED and life skills classes for incarcerated youth at the Durham County Detention Center

The DLC empowers program participants by giving them the literacy skills to improve their own lives and the lives of their families. In turn, DLC graduates empower our community through their productive citizenship.

The DLC partners with many agencies, including Durham Technical Community College, Urban Ministries of Durham, TROSA, the Durham County Library, El Centro Hispano and the East Durham Children’s Initiative. We’re proud to have been recognized locally and statewide for our high quality programming, strict accountability and solid results.

To achieve our mission, the DLC trains and supports several hundred volunteers who serve more than 600 students each year. Over the past three decades, the DLC has helped more than 16,000 residents move ahead. Think what that’s meant to Durham.

The support of our volunteers, partners, donors and students is vital, and I thank you for being part of the DLC story. As we move toward a milestone birthday, please spread the good word about the Durham Literacy Center by talking us up and sharing this email with friends.

Your help is all the birthday present we need.

Gail Faulkner Hudson

Board President

Lizzie Ellis-Furlong

Executive Director

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