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Volunteer orientation dates now available!

Volunteer Orientations for the Fall 2017 Semester will be held in August. Please plan to attend one of the following sessions:

  • Tuesday, August 3: 10am-11:00am

  • Tuesday, August 3: 6pm-7pm

  • Monday, August 7: 6pm-7pm

  • Wednesday, August 9: 6pm-7pm

​​An orientation session may run longer than an hour depending on the number of people attending and the number of questions asked. You will also need to complete a 12-hour tutor training if you decide to 1) work with a beginner reader in the Adult Literacy program or 2) teach or co-teach an ESOL class. (Other volunteer and tutor roles do not require a full 12-hour training series - these roles include tutoring a more advanced Adult Literacy student, a teen or adult GED student, or a computer literacy student.) To sign up for an orientation, please email us at You can also email us at this address if you would like to volunteer but cannot make it to one of these sessions. The location of all orientations is 1905 Chapel Hill Rd. We are located across from the Lakewood Shopping Center.

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