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Future ESOL & Adult Literacy tutors

If you are interested in teaching or co-teaching an English class for adults who speak other languages OR teaching an adult beginner reader how to read and write, please put these dates in your calendar:

Adult Literacy & ESOL Volunteer Orientation Dates (please attend one of these sessions):

  • January 7 (10am-11am or 6-7pm)

  • January 9 (6-7pm)

  • January 13 (6-7pm

After attending one of these orientations, you will then sign up for either the 12-hour ESOL tutor training series OR the 12-hour Adult Literacy tutor training series. Please note that you cannot attend both the ESOL and Adult Literacy trainings, as they are held concurrently in different parts of our building. You must choose one program prior to the start of the training and then register for that training. (This is why we are strongly recommending that you attend the orientation session first to learn more about these programs and to make sure that you understand what will be required.)

The 12-hour training series will take place the evenings of January 21 and 23 and most of the day on Saturday, January 25. We will provide exact times for the training at the orientation. You must register for the training in advance so that we can ensure that we have sufficient space and materials for everyone.

For more information and to access information about these and other volunteer opportunities at the DLC, please visit our Volunteers page.

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